Chairman's Foreword Tomio Tsukui| Nasunogahara International Sculpture Symposium in Ohtawara2012

Chairman's Foreword Tomio Tsukui


The Nasunogahara International Art Symposium was rst held in 1997, providing all citizens with the opportunity of art appreciation, the beauty of arts, pleasure, knowledge, and helped for development of local culture. Because the meeting place was moved to the Ohtawara City Art Cultural-Studies Institution which reused former Ryogo Junior high school in April, 2014 and having moved from Chateau De L’espoir with sculptors and also painters this year, it has been turned into Nasunogahara International Arts Symposium.

The new venue, the Ohtawara City Art Cultural-Studies Institution, has an excellent design in the natural environment located in the northeast Ohtawara. With the theme of “A city with greenery, water and arts”, we invited one wood-carving sculptor from South Korea, a stone sculptor from Taiwan, a painter from the Republic of Serbia, domestic stone and wood sculptors as well as ve cooperated sculptors and painters, ten artists in total.

Although it was extremely hot as these few years, all the artists were intensely focused on the execution and completion at the public work. It becomes known much better and more people have visited during the period enjoying each other’s company. ese classic events ‘Drawing Class for Children’, ‘Sculpture Workshop’ could participate the artists’ guidance have held successfully on both days and I would appreciate high interests of citizens.

ese wholehearted works in previous years will be placed in each area of the city and provides precious art property for future generations. I am surely convinced that these artworks will be loved and cherished by many of you.

In conclusion of greeting, I am more thankful for all the people who advised and supported us on the occasion of this art symposium.